Samuel Taylor

James' Character

BP: 9
HP: 22
Speed: 4
Accuracy: +1
STR: 10.17 DMG +0
INT: 10.02 SLM 0
WIS: 10.04 SLM 0
DEX: 16.00 HIT 3
CON: 12.00 HPB 1
LKS: 16.16 R/F 3/5
CHA: 10.08 SLM 0
Reputation: Average 25/25
Fame: Little Known 05
Accounting I 82%
Deception I 74%
Distraction I 78%
Driving Stagecoach/Wagon I 67%
Fast Talking II 61%
Gambling I 89%
Graceful Entrance/Exit I 79%
Hiding I 75%
Idle Gossip II 53%
Language(English) 0 13%
Mathematics 0 85%
Pickpocket I 66%
Riding I 76%
Seduction II 65%
Sleight of Hand II 45%
Sneaking I 62%
Throwing Knives II 59%

  Quirks: Stutter,
      Afraid of Heights
  Flaws: None
  Talents: None
  Gunfights: 0

  $4.40 Cash
  Fancy Shirt
  Fancy Trousers
  Wool Socks
  Men’s Dress Shoes
  Griswold & Gunnison Revolver
  Lead Ball x100
  Hunting/Fighting Knife
  Throwing Knife x4


Sameul Taylor was born in 1865 in England. He was the 2nd of four children. His parents were
always there for him as he grew up in a small town. As soon as he could speak, Sam was helping
his dad at the family owned pub. Sam constantly scammed the customers as soon as he learned how
looks can get you anywhere. With age came charm for Samuel. He was always easy on the eyes. No
woman could resist him. This soon lead to troubles. When he was 25, Sam knocked up a 17 year old
girl named Michelle. In order to get away from his problems, Sam fled to America. The land of

Samuel Taylor

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