Adam Cody

Sample PC

BP: 03
HP: 24
Speed: 2
Accuracy: +3
STR: 13.02 DMG +1
INT: 10.01 SLM 0
WIS: 10.32 SLM 0
DEX: 16.02 HIT 3
CON: 12.02 HPB 1
LKS: 12.03 R/F 1/0
CHA: 10.02 SLM 0
Reputation: LOW 13/13
Fame: Little Known 00
Cartography I 76%
Current Affairs I 76%
Deception II 58%
Distraction III 47%
Fast Talking IV 20%
Hiding II 60%
Language(English) 0 0%
Lock Picking I 74%
Pick Pocket I 66%
Reading and Writing 0 85%
Riding II 62%
Rope Use I 65%
Sleight of Hand III 24%
Slick Talker I 88%
Sneaking I 63%

  Quirks: Claustrophobic,
      Prejudiced against Confederates
  Flaws: None
  Talents: Forgettable Face, Veteran Gunfighter
  Gunfights: 1

  Plain Shoes
  Wool Socks
  Men’s Pants
  Gun Belt and Holster
  Plain Shirt
  Derby Hat
  Plain Pocket Watch
  Hunting Knife
  Colt Patterson
  100x .36 caliber cap and ball
  Leather Tool Set
  Pocket Knife
  Light Hammer
  Glass Cutter
  $2.37 Cash


Adam Cody was born and raised in Lexington Kentucky, the second son of a Surveyor. The Cody family was rocked by hard times when over the course of several years their first born as well as two of Adam’s younger siblings were all lost to illness. Adam’s father turned to drinking, and often beat on Adam and his mother. As both Adam and his hatred grew, his father took to beating him first and locking him in a closet before beating on his mother, so that Adam could not intervene on her behalf.

At the age of fifteen, Adam bought an old revolver and stashed it in the closet. When his father locked him in there again he shot through the lock and confronted his father. Seeing the gun in Adam’s hand he pulled a pepperbox from his pocket, and Adam was forced to shoot him. Rather than stay around to see what would happen, Adam ran away.

For years now Adam has been grifting from town to town, doing what he has to to survive. He never stays in one place long, and soon after leaving he is usually forgotten.

Adam Cody

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